AgriLife Computer Inventory Dashboard

This inventory dashboard provides a view of all computer assets on the FAMIS inventory roll. The purpose of the interactive dashboard is the following:

  • To assist you in your annual inventory review by showing computer systems and their current users or when they were last used and may be potential surplus candidates
  • To advise you on which computers will need to be replaced prior to Oct. 2025 as they are not Windows 11 Compatible and allow for your department to budget over the next two fiscal years to replace them
  • To advise you on which computer systems are out of warranty or how many days remain until warranty has expired and plan to replace those systems in the upcoming fiscal years

Note: The systems presented for your department are those that are currently listed in the FAMIS system. If you see systems that should no longer be on your department inventory, please contact the AgriLife Administrative Services Property & Fleet Management Office at 979.314.0951 for AgriLife Research and Extension assets. Please contact the TAMU Property Management Office at for TAMU assets.

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